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Engineer and Mixing:
Peter Krawiec
Musical Arrangement & Piano:

John Florencio


Daniel Fabricant

Cello and Guitar:
Yair Evnine
Peter Krawiec
Finale Mixing:
Peter Krawiec


Engineer and Mixing:
Bond Bergland
Musical Arrangement & Piano:

Ellen Hoffman

David Balakrishnan

Peter Wahrhaftig

Produced by:
Merle Nadlin and Larry Butler

Finale Mixing:

Peter Krawiec

Merle Nadlin, Larry Butler and Joshua Finkel

Mentor & Voice Builder:
Richard Nickol

Guide par excellance:
Ellen Hoffman

Reenie Raschke

Photo Editing:
Paul at Montclair 1 Hr. Photo
CD Cover and Design:
Paul Ruxton


*** All songs licensed in the U.S. through The Harry Fox Agency and/or Sondheim Agency ***

1. You Make Me Feel So Young | 3:34
Lyrics: Mack Gordon
Composer: Joseph Mayrow 1946

The lyrical appeal of “love” in the eyes of the beholder brings warmth and joy to this song. Ellen Hoffman’s upbeat arrangement with the delicious pizzicato sound of David Balakrishna’s violin combine to make a unique and delightful arrangement. Recorded by the greats Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra, as well as Mel Torme and Rosemary Clooney.

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2. I Remember it Well | 3:46
Lyrics: Alan Jay Lerner
Composer: Fredric Lowe 1958

Sometimes, songs seem as if they were written especially for you. This song of divergent perceptions of reality is one of them. The lyrics bring warmth and humor to the concept of: “What is reality—what really happened?” From the wonderful film Gigi, directed by Vincent Minelli, this song was first sung by Maurice Chevalier and Hermione Gingold.

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3. One for My Baby (and One More For the Road) | 6:15
Composers: Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer 1943

Written for the movie The Sky’s the Limit. Can you imagine, Fred Astaire first performed this song? Later, as the lyrics seem to demand, the melancholic beauty of the song was memorialized in five different recordings (1947-1993) by Frank Sinatra. For trivia folks: Bette Midler and Johnny Carson performed the song on The Tonight Show. It earned Midler that year’s Emmy Award (1992). It’s a poignant song that all those who have loved, and perhaps lost their love, can relate to.

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4. Plant A Radish | 3:26
Music: Harvey Schmidt
Lyrics: Tom Jones 1960

From the longest running off-Broadway show The Fantasticks. A radish is a unique vegetable. It will grow well in almost any soil. Of course the soil must be well prepared, fertilized and have adequate moisture. Knowing the ups and downs of having children, the two of us especially enjoyed the lyrics of this song, and we hope you do too.

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5. Children Will Listen | 4:04
Music and Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim 1986

Sondheim captures the heart and soul of parenting. No matter how difficult, we want to give our children “roots to grow and wings to fly.” John Florencio’s sensitive arrangement adds the dramatic background to this piece. This song is a gift to our own children, and we hope to children and parents everywhere. This song is from the Tony award-winning musical Into the Woods. The show was inspired by Bruno Bettelheim’s book The Uses of Enchantment. Music intertwines with twisted fairy tale plots and the concept of “happily ever after” may be just a question.

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6. You're Just In Love | 2:34
Music and Lyrics: Irving Berlin 1950

This is a fun song to sing- delightful lyrics of new love, when the world is a spectrum of colors and life seems just a bit off kilter. From the Broadway musical Call Me Madam, Ethel Merman and Russell Nype made the song famous on Broadway. Rumor has it that Merman wanted to sing a song with “the kid” Nype and Irving Berlin wrote the song in one night.

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7. Where or When | 2:36
Lyrics: Lorenz Hart
Music: Richard Rogers 1937

A mystical song that captures the déjà vu moments of romance, this number is from the musical theater production Babes In Arms Recorded in 1941 by Benny Goodman and a 21-year-old Peggy Lee, the ballad came out during the Christmas season when America was at war. Subsequently, many of the great “big bands” and vocal artists of our time have recorded over 75 different versions. For us, the song’s lyrics of “possibilities unknown” seem to place romance in the center of fantasy — an absolutely delightful place to have romance.

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8. Soon It's Gonna Rain | 2:50
Music: Harvey Schmidt
Lyrics: Tom Jones 1960

Finding that one special spot where you can build memories and feel totally safe — a spot you just don’t want to leave — that is the image this song brings to heart. This song is also from the world’s longest running musical The Fantasticks. The original show opened in May 1960 and closed in January 2002 – playing 17,162 times over a span of 42 years. The show has been produced in over 2,000 cities in the United States - from such divergent venues as the White House to Ford’s Theater to Carefree, Arizona. Internationally, the show has been staged in 67 nations, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

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9. Do You Love Me and Reprise Soon It's Gonna Rain | 4:01
Music: Jerry Bock
Lyrics: Sheldon Harnick 1964

What a joy to sing this song, which poses a tentative question and ends with an understanding of a long love. We have enjoyed presenting this song in many venues - the Herbst Theater in San Francisco, at a Berkeley Broadway Singers concert, and on the trans-Atlantic voyage of the Queen Mary. Sometimes, we may even sing this song alone, at home, in the quiet of an evening. The song is from the musical Fiddler on the Roof. The show ran almost 10 years on Broadway and was a winner of nine Tony awards.

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