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joan tena from united states of america wrote at June 5, 2013:
really enjoyed your music especially how ma caring parents feel. that fateful night they move out. have two boys only no girls.
good luck and keep on rolling.your great.
Peter Stein from Toronto, Ontario, Canada wrote at May 5, 2012:

It is Saturday and it is a beautiful sunny day. I finally had a chance to listen to your cd. It was like being with the two of you again. It was fun and heart felt.

It was great meeting the two of you on our wonderful cruise.

I hope your love will just go on and on.

Best regards,

Alan GoYaMoOn from Pleasanton, CA wrote at November 6, 2010:
Hi Merle,

Good to see the site up and running as it should. Keep the music alive!

Big Hug,

Puong Wee from Shang Hai wrote at November 3, 2010:
Ni Hao Ma:
Love and Laughter have grown the international-- eating my morning rice, I found your blog and so near I dropped my chopsticks! u so fine u so fine u blow my mind hey merle... hey larry.... in china two husband okie dokie ;) ))
Jessica Park from Berkeley, CA wrote at October 18, 2010:
Great music and page!
burt from burdeen wrote at August 25, 2010:
just so you know that I did drop by here.
escarpia wrote at August 3, 2010:
Great music.  Waiting to hear more so keep it coming!
Ariel Craft from Berkeley, CA wrote at January 18, 1974:
Wow, you two! This site is beautiful and really demonstrates all that you have accomplished. I loved listening to your clips and can't wait to hear the whole CD soon...

Lots of love,

Ariel ;)
Samantha from Fort Lauderdale, FL wrote at June 26, 2010:
I love the website, listened to some of your clips on itunes, I really enjoyed them and hope to see your act one day. Have a wonderful cruise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marjory Kreda from Malta wrote at June 26, 2010:
Just a tip for you merle and larry afficianados--
They'll be giving a benefit performance december 9 somewhere in the bay area. It's all I've heard so far--

Anyone who knows more please post info here.

Laurel Smith from North Dakota wrote at June 26, 2010:
Merle and Larry,

Your music touches my very soul. My therapist and I play this before every session, and use lines from the song as topics for contemplation. Your overwhelming self sacrifice for the music moves me. Each time Merle's voice comes in, hummingbird-like in it's pitch, it almost makes me cry. And Larry's deep, soothing, whale-like sounds show his passion for the art. You two are truly beautiful and inspiring!

I can only imagine your dedication to your family and friends. They are lucky to have you. They must be SO happy to have them in their lives. I can only hope to for such a blessing in my own unfulfilling life.

your biggest fan, (and BOTH of your secret admirers_


Laurel (lili) Smith :D
Marjory from Malta wrote at June 26, 2010:
Bravo! The horses love it. Especially Mooshie who perks up his ears when he hears Merle's voice.
Jannie from Love land for me and my guy wrote at June 26, 2010:
What a fun :) :D ;) fun CD and great sound and accompanyment!! The story is tender and tough !!
Rita Brenner from Berkeley wrote at June 26, 2010:
It was great seeing you at the Jazz School and learning about your new career. I like your web site. :D
Sally Rubin from Oakland wrote at June 26, 2010:
Oh, yes! The L-O-V-E does come through the music! Congratulations!

Love and kisses,

Sally, Ed, and Sam