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Ben Marafino Jr from This dimension (probably) wrote at June 26, 2010:
Hey Guys: I just swung by your web site and IT IS FANTASTIC!!! The content and the layout are wonderful. You have all done such a superb job! I guess I just have to wait for the CD!!


Alan from Brazusa wrote at June 26, 2010:
Hey Larry my buddy and Senhorita Merle,

It's so nice to see the website up and running. I hope you guys like it, I really enjoyed developing it for you.

I wish you the Best!


Alan GoYaMoOn :D :D :D
Robert Little from Pacific Mozart Ensemble wrote at June 26, 2010:
Hi, congratulations on your CD. It was fun running into you at the office supply store. Take care and you should buy tickets to our up coming fundraiser benefit concert. Take care.
Byron Quann from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico wrote at June 26, 2010:
Nice to meet and chat with you at the Nordiska Museum in Stockholm Sorry we didn't meet while were on the ship and sorry to miss your show.

We encountered a lot of "small world" moments with you and likely we will meet again.

Best wishes,

Paulette and Byron Quann :D