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Reenie Raschke from Oakland wrote at June 26, 2010:
You are so beautiful, inside and out! Every where you have been has a layer of pixie dust on it. Love you both SO much!
Millie Schneidman from Rossmoor, Walnut Creek, CA wrote at June 26, 2010:
Merle and Larry - your performance is uplifting! inspiring! entertaining! and your charming voices bring reality to the songs.

I look forward to your performance for Rossmoor ORT.
Jessica Raaum wrote at June 26, 2010:
AH!!! LOOK AT YOU!!! This is amazing!!!

The photos are amazing and you sound fantastic!!!

Thanks for demonstrating to all of us how to set your sights on a dream and make it happen... you are SUCH an inspiration!!!
Ruth Lym from San Francisco, CA wrote at June 26, 2010:
Beautiful website! Congratulations, you two.

:) Ruth :)
Abbigail wrote at June 26, 2010:
Merle and Larry- You two are the BEST! I can't wait to see what you do next! ;)
Joshua Finkel from Los Angeles, CA wrote at June 26, 2010:
Merle and Larry,

This site is just lovely. Completely reminiscent of your energy and charm. Congrats. I love you guys and can't wait to team with you and keep building more fun things for you to perform!


Joshua Finkel
Creative Combustion Acting Studio ;)
Sarah Aili from Venus wrote at June 26, 2010:
I am in love with the two of you. You bring joyous tears to my eyes, and lightness to my heart. I am just absolutely thrilled to have you in my life! Congradulations! :D
Simone Butler from New York wrote at June 26, 2010:
Awesome job! Sounds great! Love the pics! I'm so happy you guys are my parents! Enough said.
Marjory, Harry & Stella from Malta wrote at June 26, 2010:

We applaud you. Harry was especially wistful looking when he heard your voices.

Looking forward to the full cd.

M. :D :D :D :D :D
FORREST wrote at June 26, 2010:
Go for it kids!!! ;)

Put me on the waiting list for the CD.

Anna Jorgensen from Berkeley wrote at June 26, 2010:
:D Oh my Sweethearts, this is, you are fantabulous!!! So fun, so sensational. Thank you for sharing your marvelous talents and adventures. :D

Love you,

Denise Williams from Richmond, CA wrote at June 26, 2010:
Oh me oh my what an awesome duet. You're beautiful people, you really are so Beautiful!

God Bless You,

Love Denise :) :):)
June Kamerling from Richmond, Ca wrote at June 26, 2010:
Wowwwwwie!!!...Can't wait for the CD. You two ROCK!!! (and now I want a website too...) :) :) :)

Deborah Banks from Richmond wrote at June 26, 2010:
Move over Bradgelina! You two are hot and fabulous!!! ;)
Linda Blachman from BBS! True Home wrote at June 26, 2010:
The two of you look and sound terrific! Fab photos, and, Alan, really wonderful web design. Congratulations to all! It's great fun to see just how far you've come musically and how fast. Cruise ships, wowee, zowee!!!!

Love and success to you,

Linda :)