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Mark and Yui Vanderpoel from brooklyn ny wrote at June 26, 2010:
Hey guys!

Loved the website. Hope the love and laughter continues... looking forward to seeing you both again!
Csaba Emody from Budapest - Hungary wrote at June 26, 2010:
Dear Merle and Larry,

Thanks for your joy, at your Budapest Marriott Hotel stay.
Your songs amd music was very enjoying for all my family, specially my wife Aniko, and daughter Evi.

Hope the bought faberge egg fscinated your motherand you both had with Larry a safe trip back home. Come again,.............

We will be waiting for you, and your friends at our Empire Antique Gallery in the Budapest Marriott Hotel Lobby.

Always yours,

Csaba :D
Joaninha from Goodquestion wrote at June 26, 2010:
Great photos! So happy you're spreading your love & joy around the world. Looking forward to seeing a performance in the future! :D :D :D :D
POLYESTER from A JEWISH GIRL FORM BOSTON wrote at June 26, 2010:


Alison Diboll wrote at June 26, 2010:

Can't wait to hear the CD in June!
LEO FRAPPIER from San Francisco wrote at June 26, 2010:
You two!!! OMG, this website and this project and CD are amazing.

Firstly, it was an honor to do some recordings at my studio a few months ago.

I hope it was the training wheels to get some wonderful recording of your new album.

I think you both are great people, very vibrant loving beings, and I love the message of: "love and laughter" that you put out there.

I hope we can work more together in the future. Our sessions still bring a smile to my face.

All my best and my true love for you both,


Baysounds - San Francisco
Kareena from chicago wrote at June 26, 2010:
Thanks for shining the love you have for each other on the rest of us.

The world needs to see more happy couples like you. Having personally seen the two of you inter-act for over twenty years I know you are REALLY for real.
Sydney Alston from Los Angeles wrote at June 26, 2010:
It was nice talking to you today. I'm sure we'll have a great working relationship and if you guys get down to LA I'd love to meet you.


Disc Makers ;)
Cherry from CA wrote at June 26, 2010:
Great website!

I love the pictures and music.

-My favorite is "Plant a Radish"
Zack from Antioch wrote at June 26, 2010:
Cheers you two! Great sights and sounds! Thor says he gives it two paws up! :D
Teressa from Berkeley/Brooklyn/Portland wrote at June 26, 2010:
Thanks for showing me your website, this is the first time I have gotten to hear your music. It is incredible that you have begun this endeavor, I am so proud of you both.

Shirley Tubens Guggenheimer from Oakland wrote at June 26, 2010:
With you two LOVE is in the air. Wonderful work. Thank you for inviting me in. :)
Jason Coleman from Los Angeles, California wrote at June 26, 2010:
Merle and Larry: Great site! Thank you so much for inviting me to experience it. I wish you many happy memories on your upcoming Princess Cruises holiday. I hope you'll have pictures to share on your return.

Bon Voyage! :D
Paul Sorich from San Jose wrote at June 26, 2010:
Wow! Nicely done... layout and all. Congrats!!! :D
Hilary Steinberg from San Francisco wrote at June 26, 2010:
I love your website! You are are so smooth and polished! Beautiful pictures, fantastic vocals (can't wait to hear more!)and the love you share comes shining through so beautifully. It is a joy to know you and to have the opportunity to study together. Your talent and the way you work so well together is inspiring.

Congratulations on a job well done!