…Overheard at Merle and Larry’s latest show…

  • Oh my God, I’m living my youth over…It makes me feel young again.”
  • “You two are radiant together!”
  • “The show was just wonderful.”
  • “The music was great !!!”.

Merle and Larry are off again, crossing the great atlantic pond April 2013. They’ll be crooning a tune on the Celebrity Silhouette sharing their music in Puerto Rico, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Turkey.


Merle and Larry recently returned from a fantastic tour in Europe. Their music is being played from Barcelona to Budapest! They had an opportunity to “croon a tune” in Paris and Amsterdam and while crossing the Atlantic, performed on the Emerald Princess.

Merle and Larry will be performing at the Herbst Theater on Dec. 24 for a Christmas Benefit to assist Aids Patients and their care givers.

As part of a cavalcade of performers:


-Oct 20 Wednesday: At the Little Castle
Berkeley City Club @ 2315 Durant, Avenue Berkeley, CA from 8:15 on

-Nov 9 Tuesday: At The Freight and Salvage
2020 Addison St, Berkeley, CA from 8:15 on

What People are saying

“These two have got me under their spell. They were sensational on Tuesday evening at Anna’s Jazz Island. Thank you Merle and Larry for being the people that you are! Inspiring, beautiful, driven, fun, talented, dedicated, in love, charming, so warm and loving.”
Sarah A. (sarah@sarahaili.com)

“Wonderful seeing you both. You were a delight, as always. Love!”
Hillary D.

“You and your hubby were FAB. It was a really fun night!”
June K.

“Your public-stage-Karma apparently is WILD and wonderful!”
Ellen H. (Visit Ellen’s Website)

“Hey meu amigo Larry and minha amiga Merle, I had lots of fun developing your website. I also enjoyed listening to your songs, Children Will Listen is S’Wonderful, I loved it. I also like Plant A Radish, is a Funny One. PARABENS! =). ”
Alan M. (Visit Web Geyser)

“You both sounded great!”
Carol K.

“Hey, you both were wonderful! I had fun watching you on stage.”
Ed G.

“Every time I see and hear you and Larry I am blown away again! There is just no stopping you two. Your duo is charming, funny, sentimental and endearing. Hope you’ll be at Octavia tonight… Actually I am hoping that you two will HOST soon!”
Becky. (Visit Octavia Lounge)

“It really was a great evening, inspired by you folks too, do doubt! Thanks.”
Anna L. (Visit Anna’s Jazz Island Website)

“The two of you are so talented and delightful. We love being witness to the joy you take in one another.”
Joan C.